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What Happened at the Democratic National Convention?

By N.Goettman - Posted on 15 September 2012

In the beginning, The Democratic National Convention refused to allow Cardinal Dolan's request to Speak a Blessing over the DNC, voted to kick God out of the DNC Platform, and refused to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capitol. Bishop E. W. Jackson held protests outside the DNC, encouraging Christian Democrats to leave the party. This affected the DNC and they reversed their earlier decisions to allow Cardinal Dolan to Speak a Blessing, and re-voted to put God back into the DNC platform, and recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capitol. (The DNC platform is still anti-God with Pro-choice/ Pro-gay marriage and rights.)

Giving or Sending Contributions.

If you want to donate or support Conservative Candidates, donate to them directly. Our Voter Guides include some mailing addresses below candidate names. Or, call them to volunteer for their campaigns. There are more strong Conservative Candidates than those with addresses we included in our Voter Guides. These "new" Conservative Candidates as well as Conservative Incumbants (see Key Symbols i.e.: @, ++ or C) have well funded opponents with, in some cases, 4 times more campaign fund resources.

Voter Guide

By N.Goettman - Posted on 15 September 2012

Candidate Questions

1 Would you Sponsor or Co-Sponsor laws to ban abortions?
2 Would you Sponsor or Co-Sponsor laws or amendment for DOMA for one man/one woman marriage rights only and traditional family rights only?
3 Would you Sponsor or Co-Sponsor Obamacare?
4 Would you Sponsor or Co-Sponsor all laws to support Israel?
5 Would you Sponsor or Co-Sponsor any Agenda 21 UN laws in which gov't can forcibly take away any property without any human rights for whatever price they want… (cars, land, or buildings and force you to live in downtown apartments and/or travel on buses or trains instead)? Utility bills can skyrocket, etc. Also confiscate guns?
6 Would you Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a law for a Balanced Budget?
7 Would you Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a law to keep all the Bill of Rights, and enforce them?
8 Would you Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a law that would follow the Constitution only?
9 Would you Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a Toll Road Tax without the approval of the people's vote first?
KEY SYMBOLS: Reference these symbols to help better understand candidates endorsements and positions on issues.
Pastor's PAC (Christian) = @ (for Primary Election)^
Texas Leadership Coalition (Catholic) = ++ (for Primary Election)^
Party Platform or Stand = *
Planned Parenthood = PP
Stonewall Democrat (Gay Endorsement, GLBT) = ## [for Primary Elections]
Declared or Voted on both sides of moral issues = V
Incumbant = (I)
Independent = Ind
Democrat candidate = Blue Color
Republican candidate = Red Color
Conservative = C


Railroad Commissioner Candidate Answers

Place cursor over Q1 through Q24 to reveal questions from survey.

Party Candidate Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9
Democrat * (D) Dale Henry N N Y ? Y N N N ?
Republican @ ++ (R) Christi Craddick Y Y N Y N Y Y Y N

Please pray for the candidate of God's choice. (Do not put a name in your prayer, let it be God's choice.)

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To get the addresses and phone numbers of the candidates go to these sites: or

Early Voting

June 3 - June 11


Final Election

June 15, 2013 (Sat.)